Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goodnight, Sun.

The sun is rising through the blinds,
there's nowhere to hide from the stripes of light,
the beautiful stripes that I'd rather watch
than try to fall asleep today

An empty mattress and bottles of pills,
each pill an empty promise of peace -
the impossible promise of falling asleep
but I can't close my eyelids away from the light

You're so wrong
and where have I gone?
Can somebody tell me where I have gone?
A hollow vessel avoiding my bed,
thinking of all of the things that you did:
the things that you said but never had meant
How wrong - how cold - everyone is.

I'm deeper than this, I'm deeper than this
Consuming numbness eroding my depth
With places to be and people to see,
appointments to keep that won't change a thing.
Tomorrow can't come if I don't fall asleep
and the birds are still singing like the clock hasn't jammed

You're so wrong - I don't know what wrong is
Please somebody tell me where have I gone?
Avoiding my bed, alone with my head
I'm just so cold, and I keep on recalling
the things you have done
Where have I gone?

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