Friday, February 11, 2011

Beach Glass

If my life, it were a boat

now it washes on the rocks

And my masts, they break like bones

And my sails, they tear like skin

Would the hollow vessel break

on her sea-green bed of sorrow

Or let sea-moss fill her head

with some thoughts of diving in

I surrender for the sake

of your fortune fall'n to pieces

What's love's good, not under will?

Must I then forsake the law?

When the sun, it now rides low

and my heart--

my heart does crumble

And the waves wash like a beat,

like the organ's rhythm still

Watch the water rise and fall,

like a chest that may be breathing

Floating seaweed catches onto

fresh new driftwood for the taking

I am broken, I am breaking

while the sea swells swish and hum

Pray they lull me 'til I'm calm

Pray they carry 'til I'm gone

Warm saltwater on the tongue

tears of ocean,

humbly given

As it smashes on the rocks

and my heart--

my heart, it stops


AL 1:57

Love is an ocean.

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