Friday, September 2, 2011

To Be Unbroken

Your eyes were the bluest of things I could see,
and the salt on your body, the warmest of tastes

I felt my heart repair itself
a little
on the breaks

As the water danced around us, in the soft-lit morning sea;
Well, who ever said
that a day that is dead
could never come back to me?


The Sun's Lullaby

"Goodnight, my poor child,
who suffers the sins
of disgusting men,
just to do it again
when my lover, the Moon,
rises once more;
My little moonchild,
when will you win?

But sleep, my beloved,
we can spend some more time
when your bones aren't so tired,
on the next cloudless day

And from up in the sky,
as I'm warming the earth,
I'll watch over you;
I'll be here when you wake"

Nestled in sheets,
by the calm morning light,
He's shining on me
as he sings me to sleep...