Friday, March 2, 2012

My Music Man

Through the window, just after
the moon's come to play,

I'm watching my music man
walkin' away;

But I know he'll be back to
retire for the day,

Just a'singin' a track
with his magical hands;

And my music man's lips--
they've got too much to say.

But I'm caught in his sway,
from my ears to my hips;

He enchants every sound,
magic hangs on each riff;

This man electrifies
all that's left
of my soul,

I hope he still sings me
his song when
we're old.


I could string each sigh that escapes from your lips
into the softest, the warmest, most beautiful song,
and tie it to forever's pallet of sounds
to dance on the air
and lull me to calm

So the sounds you exhale
could sing me to sleep,
on these nights when you're gone
and I long for your noise

And the thick quite rings to remind me how
beautiful you sound
while you're asleep

I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. I think of how lonely I will be for the next 30 hours, and I warmly reflect on how yours is the pink toothbrush, and mine the blue.

The Choking Game

Hold me tightly in your hands,
and be my torture,
my utmost Hell--
the only passion I can feel...
And let me inhale you like air tonight

Take my breathing with your hands
and wrap me tightly in your palms
Your fingers paint the road to heaven--
The end of pain;
The end of it all

Just put me on the other side,
we're already lying at the edge of the world;
I've heard there's a door that we might dare go through;
I'll readily go where your gentle hands take me

And the colours I dream in will start to shine through
my closing eyes,
this spinning room--

So put me on the other side,
I'm not afraid to die tonight.