Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Defence of Human Nature

Just because your blood runs thin
does not mean that no one can
feel passion pulse,
thick with each thump,
to forsake their lives for love.

And just because your blood runs cold
doesn't mean there is no

                       fire in the world.

Cancer Meets Gemini

I have never hurt the way 
  that I did for you,
and I have never yearned so hard 
  that my want could break

for anything else,
except for you.

But after all the things you put me through,

You need me like water;
I need you like air.

Monday, November 19, 2012


You can have what's left of me,
this broken body, feeble bones;
and you can hold me on my feet,
and move my lips when I'm not home.

Cause i've no strength, the words stay there--
stuck in my chest,
amidst frail breaths

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Agnostic's Prayer

My prayer to whoever can hear:

Please help me to be rational,
but not rash;

to feel hope towards every
hopeful stretch;
and faith upon every dark path
                 that is laid before my feet;

and to know, unproven,
deep inside of my chest,
that I'm here for a reason,
and my worth is complete.

I pray that you hear me,
whoever you be,
to light this dark path
and to counsel my feet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Romance Tonic

The fog obscured horizon,
where the sky became the ocean,
painted colourfully the notion
of us at first blush--
When impressions matched the sunrise,
but my ever changing mood 
was much closer to the hue
of your cloud embellished eyes.

I wanted to share with you 
my favourite of all worlds,
where the freedom in the vastness
casts a calmness on your bones.

Sprawled between the rocks,
by the silver splashing sea foam,
the rush of waves and wonder 
of the moment took us under--

In and out the tide went,
with such familiar movement,
as lust won the upper hand,

with naught but the mist to blanket us

Written two summers ago.