Sunday, December 18, 2016

Non Serviam

I am a pagan without gods.

The moon inspires and comforts me;
The sun warms and strengthens;
And the earth—
the earth heals and clothes and nurtures and holds me.

In a world where gaseous balls burn as lamplight above,
where we are reborn from their dust
and their light sings us a song we know,

who needs gods?

I honour the sun and moon because it gives me joy to celebrate them, and not because I believe they can bestow favours or a joyous afterlife—and certainly not because there will be negative ramifications if I don’t. I honour the earth because, after all she has given me, it is the least thing I can do. My faith celebrates human nature, and not the suppression of it. My faith provides no collar for the soul, but a field for it to dance upon and a sky for it to dream under. My faith is no faith, but the absence of it; and hence, my faith is freedom.

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